Interpretation Services
(The Spoken Word)

DSi's professionals offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services should you need to arrange a technical meeting with your overseas counterparts or simply entertain them while they are here on business.

Our legal interpreters are certified by Federal or State Courts and/or the U.S. Department of State.  They are familiar with legal and courtroom related procedures, terminology and etiquette.  All of our interpreters are experienced and skilled in a varying array of assignments.  They are trained to communicate your message accurately and proficiently.

We also provide our clients with management, coordination and technical consulting where portable equipment is concerned.  We will help you prepare a "Planners Checklist" to ensure that every detail of your interpretation project has been addressed.

We provide specialized equipment such as headsets, interpreters booths, receivers, microphones etc. as well as the necessary expertise to install and monitor the interpretation equipment and translation and typesetting of all resource material, hand-outs, event literature, advertising, reports, Websites, lead generation forms, etc.

Consider an Interpreter for the following domestic or international events:

  • Conventions/Conferences/Symposiums
  • Trade Shows/Expositions
  • Business Meetings/Conference Calls/Negotiations
  • Presentations/Lectures/Seminars
  • Hearings/Trials/Depositions/Other Legal Proceedings
  • Tours/Social Events/Meet and Greet Sessions
  • Patient/Doctor Communications

    Please contact us at 973-635-7447 to discuss your needs!
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