Welcome to DSi

The leading provider of language consulting services in the world!

Diverse Semantics International, Language Consultants is an essential partner to companies of all sizes who must excel in today’s global market. Through our comprehensive language services, we provide world class service and a commitment to quality rarely emulated.

Founded in 1996, DSi manages over 3,000 certified language professionals and project managers encompassing 100 foreign languages both as source and target in a broad and varying array of industries, to provide complete document translation and management, website translation, simultaneous and conference interpretation, software localization, transcription and much more. We excel in matching language capabilities, experience, and training/interest with specific assignments. Because of our extensive resources our teams of translators, editors, and proofreaders are of the highest skill levels and professionalism.
Our project managers are amongst the best in the world.

Domiciled in the New York Metropolitan area, our client base truly exists worldwide. Our professionals are skilled at international contact and have extreme sensitivity regarding cultural differences.

DSi has always been committed to providing the most helpful and professional translation and interpretation services.  It is this commitment which has been the foundation of our success as language consultants. We want you to depend on DSi as a constant and reliable source for all of your international business endeavors.




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