A client asked: Does DSI do in-language marketing? For instance, instead of translating a brochure word for word, could you create a piece in a specific language targeted to that market?

This is called TRANSCREATION.

Branding and marketing statements are vital in representing a company’s mission. Transcreation is a growing service as many companies are part of a global market. This added service is a powerful tool to advance your message and presence effectively.

DSi can help create brochures, flyers and anything related to marketing and advertising in your industry, as well as adapting videos and children’s books and so much more for your target audience. This transcreation process goes beyond translating your content; it requires expertise in the target markets and the ability to convey your message in a culturally appropriate manner.



Transcreation Is a Specialized Service

At DSi we offer transcreation as a specialized service because not all texts require this. It is recommended for when a company has marketing and advertising materials (in English for example) and requires a rendition for an international market or for use by overseas subsidiaries. As words are chosen carefully for one market, the message can lose its meaning in another country. Transcreation helps rewrite the content, keeping the meaning intact; however, adapting it in a way that safeguards that meaning and makes sure that it is as effective in the target language as it is in the original language.

How We Do It

DSI works with language experts with highly creative abilities who have experience with marketing and branding, who are bilingual and bicultural and must understand cultural nuances, and who can provide content that can really be an effective springboard in international branding of products or even targeting a particular demographic audience.